Salute Yourself

It’s Graduation Time.

My social media is full of pictures of three and four years olds smiling at end-of-year chagigot! And, I confess to getting a bit teary eyed when I see more “serious” middle school and high school graduates.

Day school commencement speeches share a common theme. They laud students’ accomplishments, reassuring them of their ability to achieve goals, effect changes, and live as creative, responsible, Jewish leaders.

Yet, too often when we talk to ourselves, we are less generous. Of course, when we reflect upon our performance, we need to assess realistically (and sometimes harshly) so that we can move forward successfully. We need to enhance, tweak, slash, discontinue, create, or maintain appropriately.

I’m simply suggesting that right now you give yourself a break! During this end-of-the-year period, extend a bit of generosity to yourselves. Before you close up your office, sit back and recall your successes. Jot down some bullet points. Don’t fear – this is not just an exercise in self-congratulation. File the paper with your August to-dos. We’ll be back in August to strategize!

Meanwhile, enjoy the coming weeks! Don’t forget your sunscreen.

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Kol tuv,

Candace Plotsker-Herman