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I hope you are enjoying your summer. I just read Dr. Chaim Y. Botwinick’s insightful article about the challenging and changing roles of head of schools. It featured twenty common sense leadership principles. Dr. Botwinick wrote them to help heads of school “evolve, develop and grow as true inspiring leaders, role models and exemplars of leadership excellence.” I share them here in the hopes that some, if not all, will resonate with you.

(Dr. Botwinick is the author of “Think Excellence: Harnessing Your Power to Succeed Beyond Greatness” (Brown Books, 2011)

1. Always strive to delegate and empower others, utilizing the strengths of your team members; channel and direct their strengths.
2. You don’t need to have all the answers; or be the expert in everything; if you don’t have the right answers, seek them out from others who may.
3. Always seek advice and authentic feedback from your staff and faculty.
4. Hold everyone, including yourself accountable.
5. Exhibit Derech Eretz, empathy and compassion for your students, staff, faculty and parents.
6. Be passionate about your job.
7. The school’s core values, mission and vision is your road map and compass, use them wisely and strategically.
8. Take risks, but ensure your decisions are well-informed and data driven.
9. Trust is earned not acquired – it should never be transactional.
10. Admit mistakes, but don’t overly apologize or misdirect the blame (never play the blame-game).
11. Give credit where credit is due – always seek ways to celebrate your faculty and staff.
12. Keep your Board of Directors informed continuously – no surprises.
13. Always keep your team motivated.
14. Act decisively – procrastination will paralyze.
15. Build leadership in others.
16. Think and act strategically.
17. Develop your own professional goals in partnership with your Board of Directors and always manage Board expectations.
18. Articulate your vision with clarity and conviction.
19. Don’t mistake “sizzle for stake” – it’s not about charisma, it’s about substance.
20. Enjoy your leadership role and responsibilities – “positivity” can be extremely rewarding, contagious and motivating.

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