Draw, Aim, Release

Hitting the Mark

I imagine you’ve been receiving some Lag b’Omer emails – featuring bonfires. I know that I have. Those burning images make me think of two things:

1. S’mores and 2… well fires.

So, much as I would like to indulge, s’mores won’t help me shed the post-Pesach pounds. Nor could they be said to be integral to a heart healthy diet. Lighting a fire, on the other hand, can be helpful. Well… in a metaphoric, not arsonistic, manner.

Is it time for you to light a fire under your marketing materials? If they are working, perhaps not. Complacency, when you have a winning formula, may be just fine. After all, as they saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Yet, when it comes to recruitment, retention, and turning parents into goodwill ambassadors, communication is key. Tweaking, not total “fixing” may be in order.

The summer months ahead present an opportunity to determine if your messages are meaningful, compelling, and on-target.

Look at all your print and on-line materials. Are they consistent in terms of color schemes, font, and diction?

Is it time to:
Congratulate yourself on a job-well done?

Light a fire under some of your messages?

Realize that your messaging needs an overhaul – and toss most of your stale material into the “fire?”

Watch for next week’s issue about the impact of photo choices on messaging.

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Kol tuv,

Candace Plotsker-Herman