Ready, Set, Go! – part II

Which leads me to two ideas to share.

1. We think in terms of the calendar but how often do we seize the opportunity to do April’s work in January? How do you shake up your marketing messages so they don’t get stale? What do you do about recruitment in November? What about hakarat ha tov – not around Thanksgiving but in February? If you are the only school in town you don’t want to bore editors. If you are one of four local day schools pitching the same reporters, you need to pitch creatively and differently. Consistent marketing should never be boring!

2. Life-skills: Your parents want to know that their children will be ready to forge their way in the world. Stellar time management skills are crucial. And… all the apps in the world can’t teach them! I will never forget the very sad day when – after driving a car pool in which young ladies claimed to have studied nine, ten, and even twelve hours for a Navi quiz – I asked a school administrator to help them master time management and study skills. He showed me an impressive age-appropriate time management workbook and said, “We don’t have time.” One super-effective marketing theme – that can include several different narratives – can be pitching your school as one that teaches students critical life skills. Think about it – if you have time!

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As you look ahead to Tu b’Shevat, Purim, and Pesach – I wish you a calendar full of dynamic learning experiences. Should you wish to discuss ways to plan effective, creative, marketing calendars – or even a pitch or two, please feel free to send me an email or call me at 516.569.8070.

Kol tuv,

Candace Plotsker-Herman