Healthy Days Ahead – part II

Healthy Basics
So… to add to summer homework, I humbly suggest that you think about your school and health.

Surely, you can check the boxes and then some. You have:

 Immunization and health forms

 Emergency contact numbers

 Lice checks before school and after vacations

 Policies about children returning to school after illness

 Nutrition Week

Healthy Strides
But – after you check off these health basics, do your day-to-day policies encourage good health?

Do you still have candy and soda machines?
When you choose a student fundraising activity do you opt for a candy sale or a walkathon?
Do you encourage students and teachers (if it is feasible) to walk or ride bicycles to school?

Nigel Savage of HAZON shared that in his office, they don’t only advocate bicycle riding – as a healthy and green transportation option – they provide indoor bicycle racks!

Healthy Standards
Other health promoting ideas through possible systemic change:

Do you encourage teachers to use the stairs not the elevators?
Do you provide extra physical activity opportunities for students and teachers to exercise – or at least walk around the building?
Do you have stress-reducing systems in place to mentor new teachers and provide continued support for veteran instructors?
Do you offer teachers decent heath care benefits and sufficient sick days so they don’t come to work when ill?

So, while you are relaxing on the beach, with sunscreen of course, take a few minutes to analyze your schools policies in terms of promoting good health.

Enjoy the rest of the summer… in good health!

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Kol tuv,

Candace Plotsker-Herman