Attract with Pictures – part I

Lag b’Omer is around the corner. I recall it as being a fun filled day – when the dress code – and the mood were relaxed. (Yes: we got to wear our sneakers all day.) This away from the classroom day always yields bright, sunny, smile-filled pictures. But, as we all know, pictures can just be there or they can engage viewers, evoke emotions, and tell compelling stories. So, I thought that before you snap away, I would ask photographer and photo-essayist Judah S. Harris for some easy-to-implement tips guaranteed to add extra excitement, emotion and meaning to your Lag b’Omer photography.

Here are some quick ideas that will help students, teachers, staff, and volunteers return to school with a collection of more meaningful imagery!

  1. Show what’s happening – not just who’s there. Smiling faces are nice, but the activities are the real story. Strive for literary and not literal. Consider if someone looking at the photos later will be able to glean any unique details of the event. Ask your “photographers” to put their own stamp on the pictures. Perhaps they can choose a different viewpoint than the obvious, a different moment in an activity. Turn the camera or phone to vertical to vary the natural composition (we see horizontally).

  2. Emotion – look for and capture students’ and teachers’ reactions and involvement. Four people tapping in unison on their smart phones won’t produce emotional photographs, but documenting engagement with Lag B’Omer activities will. Human drama presents itself all the time; we just need to know where to look for it. Then we need to wait (so try to be patient as the photo opportunity unfolds – and if it doesn’t move along to the next subject).

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Kol tuv,

Candace Plotsker-Herman