The Masks We Wear – part I

Mishenichnas Adar! Even though we celebrate Purim in Adar II, we’ve certainly had Purim and simcha on our minds for some time. Other than all the fun and calories, Purim makes me think of two themes: overcoming obstacles and masks/hiding.

Sometimes, the obstacle we face is actually the mask we wear. Certainly, we all know the importance of “putting on a good face.” But when the school day, or term, is over – it’s important to shed the mask and look in the mirror. If the public image you portray is not in keeping with the school you run, it may be time to make some changes.

Some schools profess to be pluralistic, but they really aren’t. One school I worked with wanted to be both a mesivta and a college prep program but their college advisor didn’t know the deadlines for the SAT. Others proclaim that parents are their partners but don’t really know that more than half the parent body not only feels disenfranchised but publicizes this discontent to present and potential parents.

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Kol tuv,

Candace Plotsker-Herman