The Authentic Face – part II

Unmasked, Authentic Face

So – what should a school do? Be transparent! Explain your priorities. How? Well, I know of two single sex-schools that proclaim their Zionism proudly. One prides itself on the floats that students spend months creating for the Salute to Israel parade; the other excuses students who cut school, with parental permission, to attend the parade. To use Facebook vernacular: what’s up with that? School number two does not want its boys to socialize on Fifth Avenue with the girls from school number one (or any girls from any school). That core value surpasses attending the parade. Both schools should have marketing messages that make their priorities clear. One pluralistic school I worked for professes its inclusive welcoming of all families. Yet, it schedules mandatory family activities on Shabbat – granting shomrei Shabbat students who don’t live in walking distance of the school a pass. Authentically welcoming?

Your messages must be honest. It is not disingenuous to highlight certain priorities to specific parents and stakeholders. Of course, you need to address each parent’s concerns. In terms of unmasking, one constituent may need to see your eyes, another your mouth and a third – your ears (or your Ivrit b’Ivirt, STEM, and learning disabilities program). But, ultimately everyone must see your whole unmasked, authentic face.

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