Better Safe then Sorry! – part I

Unexpected Occurences

As you probably know, I am a New Yorker. That means that lately I’ve been feeling cold, very cold. I yearn to go outside without layers of clothing, boots, scarves, and gloves. I‘m finding it challenging to appreciate the fleeting beauty of pristine snow falling because I know it will morph into piles of snow that need shoveling, slush, and traffic conditions. But as my mother-in-law always told me: you can’t control the weather!

Those words made me think about other things that we can’t control. I often advise people who are in varied states of anxiety or even panic about situations beyond their control, that they can control their reactions. But – as school administrators you can, in fact, assert control over unexpected potentially dangerous situations. You can prepare for emergencies.

Sure, you have your annual fire and student emergency cards. But how prepared are you? Are students, staff, and parents all familiar with your clearly articulated, comprehensive emergency plans? A self-assessment is a good first step. 

A meeting with a security professional may be a critical second step. I asked Dr. Joshua Gleis co-founder and vice president of Slingshot Security, LLC to share his five top tips for day schools, read on to learn more!

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